Online PT 

With my real-time workouts where we Zoom call the videos, playable on any device, all you need to do is rock up in front of a screen, hit the join button and let me motivate you to work harder and more efficiently than you ever would while exercising alone!

No more squinting at apps or fiddling with pdf guides or bits of paper. Your online PT is a person (not an app) which means you can play the workout videos from multiple devices, including smart TVs, your laptop, phone or tablet.

Workouts are an hour, and based on your goals. 

Comprehensive programmes take the guesswork out of fitness – they’re proven to get real women like you into incredible shape.


£45 Per Hour

Online Postnatal PT 

At home workouts

  • Minimal equipment required so, no need for gym membership.

  • Support from a specialist trainer

  • Suitable for postnatal women, from beginner exercises to more experienced athletes.

  • Zoom call workouts in the comfort of your own home

Progressive online training

The Strong mum programme is designed to be progressive, building up from the simple (but effective) core workouts to more intensive, postnatal workouts alongside the core movements. You will learn to reconnect with your core and pelvic floor, get stronger and feel more confident in your body.

Built in support

Just because Strong mum is an online training programme, doesn’t mean you are left on your own! Get support directly from Emma, a specialist pre & postnatal personal trainer.I'm here to help you with any questions or issues you might have. Or if you just need a little boost or extra motivation!


Expert instruction

You can feel safe in the knowledge that every movement is suitable for mums of all ages and stages! Let’s restore your core.


£60 per Hour

Emspired Movement & Massage 


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