Personal Training


  Online Personal Training 

Whether you want to improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness, work on your core with some 1-2-1 Pilates, or are looking to learn new techniques such as kettlebell training or boxing with the pads, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals. 

Personal Training

Forget fad diets, learn how to develop the key habits that help you lose weight and keep it off. Getting rid of body fat should not be about abstaining from all nice food and spending your whole life in the gym.

We will work together to develop strategies that work with your lifestyle. I'll help you build healthy habits and learn to enjoy getting fit.

Resistance training plays an important role in changing your physique. By developing lean muscle mass as you lose the weight, you’ll already be ahead of the game. What’s more, it can help speed up your metabolism as well as make sure you’re ready for the next stage of your training.

Improving your strength and endurance help to build your overall fitness, therefore allowing you to train harder and see results faster.


£60 Per Hour

Training Online

With my real-time workouts where we Zoom call the videos, playable on any device, all you need to do is rock up in front of a screen, hit the join button and let me motivate you to work harder and more efficiently than you ever would while exercising alone!

No more squinting at apps or fiddling with pdf guides or bits of paper. Your online PT is a person (not an app) which means you can play the workout videos from multiple devices, including smart TVs, your laptop, phone or tablet.

Workouts are an hour, and based on your goals.

Comprehensive programmes take the guesswork out of fitness – they’re proven to get real women like you into incredible shape.


£55 Per Hour

Practising Yoga
Rehabilitation Personal Training

Rehabilitation Personal Training is for people who have had issues with joint pain or back pain and who want to improve their posture and movement. Programmes are designed to improve your core strength, your joint stability, increase your mobility and get your body moving like it is meant to.

I commonly see that in clients who have experienced back pain or other injuries, core muscles are functioning incorrectly. This is even the case with people who are not injured but spend a lot of time being sedentary at work.

Training that focuses on improving the function of the core can increase strength and stability of the back and even improve how you breathe.

Our modern lifestyle often leads to us losing our ability to move well. This in turn can lead to injury and pain as we poorly load our joints, muscles and tendons. I coach you to improve how your body moves, protecting your joints, improving your flexibility and teaching you to move more efficiently. This helps you both in daily life or while out playing sports.


£60  Per Hour

Workout with Fit Ball